Scottish Terriers rescued from puppy mill

Volunteers for Aberdeen Scottish Terrier Rescue in Washington State greeted the four rescue Scotties:

At 2:30 that afternoon all the volunteers were assembled and ready to work when Earlene arrived with four very cute, but very dirty, little terriers.

Everyone took a Scottie straight to a bath tub. Once you got a smell of one there was absolutely no delay. Each Scottie was scrubbed not once, not twice, but at least three times, in an effort to remove months of dirt and caked excrement from the very skinny and strangely quiet terriers. Months of life in cages had caused each of the Scotties to develop a nasty stench that just wouldn’t completely go away. We were all wondering if that smell would be a permanent feature to Earlene’s new car. One of the dogs was barely able to walk.

The Scotties were amazingly well-behaved. We had expected a bunch of unsocialized little terrors, but nothing could have been further from the truth. They did seem wary in the strange circumstances of the dogwash, but none of them barked or growled about anything. And, as you would expect of neglected dogs, they seemed almost dazed and emotionless. But after a good scrubbing and drying each dog was perfectly happy to be held by a volunteer and go to sleep while wrapped in a towel. Each of us left the dogwash with the feeling that we had made a big difference in the lives of some small new friends.

The Scottish Terrier and Dog News hopes Aberdeen Rescue will report more on the rescue terriers.

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  1. This is a great story with a happy ending it seems. I got a mixed puppy from a shelter in MS and she seems to be mostly scottie dog. I am wondering if I can find someone who is willing to chat with me and give me advice to raise her right in that she seems to have all the scottie type personality traits. I can be reached at


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