Some Thanksgiving Scottish Terrier photos

Because the Scottie News is thankful for all our readers both human and canine.

Pictured below are rescue dogs Max and Gus, who, according to their owner David, “found their rightful place in world living with my wife and myself. Max got as close as he could get (without breaking the screen) watching the video clips. Gus joins him to see what was up. When Max is not chasing squirrels he enjoys the fish tank and TV.”

We’re also thankful, as always, for cute wheaten Scottish Terrier puppies like Sassy’s brood:

Owner Sindee Hart of Shady Nook Scottie Farm writes:

During a vet visit on Nov 17, we learned that our wheaten Scottie female, Sassy, was going to whelp 7 puppies. Since the sire of this litter is our wheaten male, Red, we knew that there would be 7 beautiful wheaten babies soon. We have several people on a waiting list that were very excited about this litter. On her exact due date of Nov 24, Sassy delivered 7 beautiful babies with absolutely no problems. She sailed thru the delivery in a little over 2 hours, and all the babies are gorgeous – ranging from a dark red wheaten to a light champagne color…. Mom & babies are doing fine – we have attached a picture…. Only one problem – they are ALL BOYS !!
In our experience, and in talking to other breeders, we have not heard of a litter of this size being all boys…. Oh, and everyone on our waiting list wants a girl !!!

From all the Shady Nook Scotties – Have a great holiday season.

Copy that. I’ll think of all you Americans while I’m working. Enjoy your turkey.

8 thoughts on “Some Thanksgiving Scottish Terrier photos

  1. Welcome back Ann (and Brigit). I was so excited to see your post this morning (Thanksgiving Day, in the US); how appropriate you would return today. Hope all is well. Kathy, Ozzie (the Westie), and Angus from Pittsburgh.

  2. Thank you for your Thanksgiving wishes from the US Scotties!

    THAT was a bountiful harvest of puppies!! I'm sure the little boys will have no trouble finding homes and I hope very good ones!

  3. Thanks for posting Gus & Max, we all became fans of this website! Have a Great Holiday! We all have something to be thankful for when we have the companionship of Scottish Terriers!


  4. Oh, we love the boys !! We're finding great homes for them… It's just unusal to have an entire litter of boys (or girls, for that matter). According to our vet, it's very rare to have a litter of this size and all the same sex. Mother is doing fine and the boys are growing !!! Thanks, Ann, for posting this !! Glad you are back….

  5. Sindee — speaking for myself — since I discovered Scottie boyz and the joy of living with 3 of them, they are sooo perfect. That picture of all your beautiful wheatens made my day!!

    Cheri (Roger, Elliott & Magic's mom)

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