Video: How to hand strip a West Highland Terrier

Need a demonstration of terrier stripping techniques? We start here with the head and then move on to the body. Check out these and several other detailed Westie grooming videos at WatchDoIt.

6 thoughts on “Video: How to hand strip a West Highland Terrier

  1. Gosh… Kirk would NEVER let me do this. I SO envy dog owners who can push, pull, dress, pluck/strip or even take the dog to the vets without so much as a sniff from said dog. Kirk has Scottie 'stubborn' in buckets! She doesn't do any sort of pain, including emotional or social…. and I can't even pretend to smack her.
    YET she’s dreadfully well behaved considering.
    So long as I don’t cause her any type of pain she’s a gem. If I upset her she sulks, walks around the walls and sits in her bed looking all pathetic.
    I assumed this was normal Scottie behaviour?

  2. My Angus has "Scottitude" in a big way when it comes to everyday routines, such as putting on his harness, his "viz vest" at night, etc. Ozzie is the complete opposite… he practically jumps into his harness, etc. I think this is what makes Scotties so loveable. His Scottitude is so much a part of his personality that it makes us laugh. He is a very gentle sweet boy with "tude."

  3. I have to admit I did find the dogs in those videos eerily calm.

    Being the "imaginative" type I am, I couldn't help wondering whether they had been drugged.

  4. YAY … I was kind of worried there, thinking it was only Kirk. I'm so happy knowing that other Scottie owners would have the same dreadful time even thinking about 'plucking.' (Not that Kirk can read my mind, but I do wonder!)
    LOLOL Tegan

  5. They get used to it and after a while its no big deal for them. I remember when my westie was smaller, she would run away every time i picked up her brush. So i combed her every day for a month and now she kinda enjoys it :)

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