Westie Wednesday: Another Harry story

Harry, the smelly old West Highland Terrier, is back. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry:

Harry’s allergies have made his hair fall out and his skin turn black in spots. He’s old — we’re not sure how old, as we picked him up from a shelter years ago when he was already over the canine hill. The only time he gets up anymore is to rub his rear end on the carpet. I’d stop him, but it’s the only pleasure he has left in life.

For the longest time, Grandma was just coming by to take Harry for a walk around the neighborhood. She’d stop by every morning, jingle the leash, and Harry, who hates exercise, would shrink in his doggie bed, trying to look invisible. Grandma, who likes exercise and who doesn’t take “no” for an answer, would march over, hook him up and drag him out the door. Literally.

Some mornings, Harry would just roll on his side and refuse to cooperate, and Grandma had to pull so hard I thought his little head would pop off and roll across the carpet.

Read more about Harry.

One thought on “Westie Wednesday: Another Harry story

  1. Harry, the white Scottie of the Harry and Lola kids books, doesn’t need any encouragement to go for walks. He and Lola now have their rescue mom and dad trained to each take them for a two mile walk every day. Little 17 pound Lola can walk her “brother” into the ground and it takes two adult humans to give her all the walks she wants in a day!

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