What does a brindle Scottish Terrier look like?

Morris’ mistress Erica says he is the most brindle Scottish Terrier she’s ever seen, and the Scottie News agrees. From the first shot he could be a mini-tiger:

shaved brindle Scottish Terrier
brindle Scottish Terrier
We also featured puppy shots of Morris back when he looked more like a rabbit.

9 thoughts on “What does a brindle Scottish Terrier look like?

  1. My Angus is not a brindle, but I have been noticing gray hairs popping up on his back lately. Is this a common thing with Scotties? He is only three years old.

  2. Gorgeous! and he seems to have grown into his ears since those puppy pictures!

    I would say it's normal for black Scotties to get some grey/white hairs. Not sure when Teagan started to get them but it was at a young age and clearly not a sign of aging. Have known other black Scotties to have the same thing.

  3. Yay! Thanks for featuring Morris again! This was after his first haircut, which accounts for his doleful expression.

    – Morris's father

    1. Could somebody tell me where this scottie came from? I want one just like it! I have been trying to find a grey one but this is close enough and really cool too. Or if anyone knows where i might have some luck finding a grey scottie I would appreciate that too.. Thanks

  4. I just adopted a dog from the Animal shelter.My new baby is a Brindle Scottish Terrier he is over 10 yrs old he is so sweet but your right his eyes are so sad. I Love him and will make the rest of his time on earth very happy..But all his black spot are very gray he looks like an old man.

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