Reader photos for the new year

Christmastime Scots

Scotties from Germany pose with Santa, while Kayleigh opens her present early
Scotties who lounge

Whether it’s watching TV like Tuppence(top left), or relaxing
like Angus, Mashka and Connor (clockwise from top right) these dogs need their beauty rest
Leader of the pack

Some love their human company, like Grace (top left), some stay
with their own kind. Ginger, Duncan, Angus and MacBean(top right),
Bella Sue and Maggie Sue(middle left), Duffie and Brindy(middle
right), Jolie and Maisie(bottom left), Buster and Harvey(bottom right)
Halloween Scotties

Miss Beazley dons a skunk costume, while Scottie McScott sports a bumblebee costume. Ralphie(middle left), Angus(middle right) and Roger(bottom right) choose bat-themed apparel. Pepper’s skeleton costume is skin and bones.
Spring in my step

Harvey(top left and bottom right), Connor(top right) and Lexie
(bottom left) frolic in the spring grass
International Scots

Max(right) and Kyla(left) are South-African Scotties. Abbey shows
off her kimono
Who says Scotties aren’t good with kids?

Connor (left) and Lexie (right) show their affection
Puppy love

Brutus, the wheaten puppy, and Tuppence sure are cute
Scotties in plaid

Huckleberry Finn (top) and Duffy and Maisie(bottom) stay true
to their Scottish roots

A final thank you to all who sent in their great pictures. Keep ’em coming. We end this post with a tribute to a special Scottie Molly

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