Golden retriever saves boy from cougar in B.C.

This seems like a heart warming tale (Update: Link expired unfortunately) at first, with Angel the dog left in relatively good shape despite the bloody photo, but a close reading raises some questions with the Scottish Terrier and Dog News. How about our readers?

Update: Here’s the Today Show report referred to in the comments. That dog definitely should have been taken to the vet sooner. Oh yeah, and the Mountie could stand to lose a few pounds too.

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CTV has Angel at the vet:

9 thoughts on “Golden retriever saves boy from cougar in B.C.

  1. Since I don't live in an area that rural, I'll reserve comment/judgment, but I will say that life is different in the wild. Happy New Year and thanks as always for such a great blog.

  2. After doing all that, even a three hour drive and a stay overnight would be worth it? Mind you, I'd have been out there fighting wild beasts alongside my Kirk!

  3. To me, these folks don't seem all that "thankful" toward that remarkable dog who saved the child's life potentially. Hummmmm… No good deed goes unpunished perhaps? I'm just thankful the dog seems to be some place where it will recover well. What a GOOD dog!!!

  4. I just detect a whiff of "never let the facts get in the way of a heart warming story."

    Angel should definitely have gone to the vet.

  5. Man's best friend to the rescue and back to being treated like dirt. What else to be said??
    Sure hope the dog is treated right henceforth.

  6. Must be some Scottish Terrier and Dog News readers on the Today show staff – the family and the officer were on the 2nd hour of the Today with Matt Lauer show this morning.

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