Home wanted for Scottish Terrier German Shepherd cross

Read more about Scottish Terrier mixes and get details about Floyd at the Daily Mail.

4 thoughts on “Home wanted for Scottish Terrier German Shepherd cross

  1. Floyd is adorable!! He looks like he would be a lot of fun and very mischievious. I'm sure my Ozzie and Angus would love to give him a run!!

  2. I had a dog JSUT LIKE THIS! She was a WONDERFUL dog! Very obedient and tough as nails without the barking habits of Scotties. VERY smart and VERY fast. She loved to rough house with me and I took to wearing thick gloves so she could grap on hard and tug! If I played with her without the gloves she was very gentle knowing that she would hurt me if she wan’t careful. She died of stomach cancer right after I recovered from Prostate Cancer. She laid by the side of my bed the entire time I was recouperating from the surgery. She was very loyal.
    If anyone knows of a dog like this available please let me know!

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