Kilts, bare midriffs and scottish terriers cont’d

Two years ago, the Scottish Terrier and Dog News had a Robbie Burns day special report on men and dogs in kilts, in which we dealt with various controversial kilt fashion topics including whether or not it was okay to go topless in a kilt?

The answer was a resounding no.

This year we continue our crusade as we deal with female fashion offenders. Please everyone, in the name of tradition, keep your midriffs covered.

Annabelle – GPSTC Scottie Picnic 2009 by Victornado

IMG_6604_Tilted Kilt Girl by AthenaTT

Unfortunately, we are having a dry January this year so must toast you all without the aid of a nice glass of whiskey. Happy Robbie Burns day, everyone.

3 thoughts on “Kilts, bare midriffs and scottish terriers cont’d

  1. Och, they didn't have lassies like that when I was a lad although she does remind me a bit of my ex-wife. Here's to you, Sheena

  2. I never voted in the topless men discussion… I'm absolutely sure I would have remembered that one! Actually, I don't mind topless kilted males/dogs, but only on special occasions, (it would be kinda uncomfortable for them all the time.) I'm afraid I'm a prude when it comes to topless females, (kilts or no.) The benefits and function of a page 3 is entirely lost on me, besides… if Mother Nature wanted us Brits to show off our bits, she’d have made the weather warmer! But the midriff is OK, so long as she's not showing a 'muffin-tum'…totally inexcusable fashion faux-pas,(especially for a Scottie!)

  3. This original discussion was before my time too! As for the example of the man, I think he could get away with wearing just about anything on his lower half…although the chains spoil it somewhat for me. The Scotties are probably a bit more comfortable with less on and the kilt by itself makes the point, so that's OK by me. My 2 lassies will not be joining them though. 🙂

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