Medicated bath cures Scottie Bridget’s itchiness

Dear readers,

I thought I should give you an update on Bridget’s itchiness. We went back to the vet and saw another doctor, who said he didn’t think her itching was due to allergies as she did not have some of the more common symptoms. Instead, recommended Bridget have a medicated bath. As far as I can tell, that’s just a bath with very expensive shampoos (1.Vet Solutions Medicated Shampoo and 2. Aloe and oatmeal skin and coat conditioner) and lots of rinsing to make sure all grease and dirt is removed. You can do it yourself if you do such things, which I don’t, or have the vet or your groomer do it.

We did it at the vet and it seems to really have drastically reduced the itching as well as make me feel rather dumb.

6 thoughts on “Medicated bath cures Scottie Bridget’s itchiness

  1. That is wonderful!!! How nice to have a chemical-free way to make the Divine Miss B feel better! I call that a breakthrough, and just forget about feeling dumb now.

  2. Hooray! Maybe she just has sensitive skin! Teagan used to get very dandruffy and itchy if anything but "Sebo-calm" – similar to HyLite here in the US – was used on her.

  3. I know you haven't had anything recently on itchy Scotties, but I wanted to share our experience.

    Our Scotty, Henry, is about 16 months old, and has been horribly itchy his whole life. We give him two Benedryl and two fish oil pills every day. He's been on hypo-allergenic food for 6 months. He gets regular baths with oatmeal shampoo. None of this has helped.

    Last spring, he has two steroid injections within 6 weeks. Finally, the vet suggested we go to the veterinary dermatologist for an allergy panel.

    Instead, we went to PetSmart because they do testing, and it's a lot cheaper. We got the results a couple of weeks ago. According to the vet, any number over 150 indicates a strong allergy. His numbers for dust mites were 750. mold mites 800, and flea saliva 1800.

    So we had to order the immunotherapy and expect that it will be in this week. We will have to give him weekly injections.

    The initial testing was $350. The first round of therapy was $165 and that will last about a month. Then, then next round is $150 and will last 6-8 months.

    Yes, very expensive, but cheaper than a specialist, and totally worth it to give our beloved Scotty some relief.

    Just wanted to share this info in case it might help other readers!

  4. Thanks, I'm really hopeful too. AND glad to report poor Henry has maintained his great good spirits throughout the ordeal.

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