Neighbours want to lynch Shreveport Scottie dog

Dog trainer has some tough love for the Scottish Terrier’s owners.

One thought on “Neighbours want to lynch Shreveport Scottie dog

  1. Bonnie is on a leash ALL THE TIME, kind of like a drag line. She is very prey oriented and will bolt just out of the blue if a squirrel, cat or leaf blows by. She is trained very well to go back about 15 feet from the front door and sit/stay when opening the door. And it works 95% of the time, but all it takes is movement and she can't help herself. We trained her to stay that far back so we would have a chance at stopping her on her bolts. However, she was too slippery, hence the drag line. We've found we can stomp on the leash more successfully than grabbing her. Especially if our arms are full of something else. Even on walks, she does a nice heel until she sees a critter. It's just the way she is…prey oriented. She's not bad, untrained/undisciplined or under excercised. It's very scarey when she does manage to get free, it's a mad dash with clickers, treats, and multiple people helping me round her up. I've often thought a herding dog would be helpful in times like those…it would definitely be faster than me!


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