No smoking and no Scottish Terriers

Thanks to the Terrierman, whose blog you should definitely check out if you haven’t already. He’s the guy who may make me give up writing about dog shows.

8 thoughts on “No smoking and no Scottish Terriers

  1. Actually, the "or" implies that you can choose between the two–so you're fine bringing your Scottie, as long as you don't smoke.

  2. You mean the terrierman is serious about the things he says? I always figured he was so obtuse he had to be a joke? He interprets the finer things in life bass ackwards!

  3. For some reason it reminds me of the new quit smoking commercials on TV. They show people in the middle of their work day going out of their way to drink alcohol so they can smoke. The message is "you don't have to have a drink every time you smoke so why should you have a smoke every time you drink". Hmmmm so this message must mean you don't have to have a Scottie every time you light up.

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