Patient Scottish Terrier puts up with new puppy

Here’s how YouTube user bradleyequine describes the scene above which stars one energetic puppy and one patient older dog:

Lucy is our four (4) week old Scottish Terrier and has just arrived to live at our house. Gabby is her full sister about 1 1/2 yrs old. Not sure who is the boss, but the new puppy sure is aggressive. They are just having so much fun…..

2 thoughts on “Patient Scottish Terrier puts up with new puppy

  1. isn't four weeks a little young for a baby to be away from her litter?? and by a little I mean A lot that is super unhealthy to her development, I can't believe a good breeder would give her up so early.

  2. That thought crossed my mind too, but the puppy in the video doesn't look four weeks so maybe they're using the Metric system or something and it's really eight weeks.

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