A primer for lovers of Scottish Terrier collectibles

“The prime time of the Scottie dog collectible was from the 1920s to the ’50s, thanks to successful advertising campaigns for Texaco, with their two Scottie dogs, and “Black & White Scotch Whisky” magazine ads from the ’40s,” writes Sandy Erdman in the Post-Bulletin of Rochester, Minnesota (article no longer there). “Scottie candy containers, glass powder jars with Scotties sitting on the lids, cigarette boxes and figurines are some of the many Scottie dog collectible items available. They were easily found in dime stores in their prime.”

And here’s something you wouldn’t find any more, a Scottie Dog cigarette holder. Poor creature must have gotten that cow-like coat colouring from all the smoking.

Find way more Scottie collectibles, including some truly fabulous ones, at tias.com – Scottie dog collectibles, the site recommended in the article.

2 thoughts on “A primer for lovers of Scottish Terrier collectibles

  1. One of these days I will come out of the collecting closet and do a big exposee of my Scottie collectibles – I have a handsome stockpile and it all brings me such joy daily. I just adore Scotties and all the Scot-inspired schwag really is so cute. It gives me a way to sift and sort through the musty antique shops here in the NW, it's a guiding light of sorts. I have other eyes out in the field too – my thrift-shop queen friends occasionally will spot a scot for me and bring it to me, knowing that I will squeal with delight. Really it's my granny's fault, she got me started by bestowing her hard-won Scottie collectibles on me, in my late 20's. She had a keen eye back in the day. Forms a nice core for my collection. Yay for Scotties!!

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