Scottish Terrier drops to 51st most popular dog

Labs are number one. Yorkies drop from second spot to third, overtaken by German Shepherds. And the Scotties just keep falling.

7 thoughts on “Scottish Terrier drops to 51st most popular dog

  1. Thank god for that, there is nothing worse for a dog than to become a fad. The Scotties popularity in the 20's, 30's, and 40'S did much damage to the breed imo.

  2. I'm surprised they are even in the top hundred… they are very, very rare in North West UK, (I suppose there are more in the US?) However, this makes my Kirk special, she's allways fussed no matter where we go, but especially in Scotland. The odd thing is that most people know her breed, even small children know she's a Scottie amazingly, but they often say they have never seen a 'real' one before 🙂

  3. I have no problem with being owned by an "unpopular" breed… my Angus is probably the only Scottie in my small suburb and people always want to fuss over him. He is not always cooperative but he is never mean either. I agree with Rick.

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