Tell the Scottish Terrier News about the weather

10 on the 10th, originally uploaded by Little Miss Romp!.

Toronto: I biked to work for the first time since Christmas Eve. The snow’s almost gone, but it’s not as green as in the photo of Portland.

8 thoughts on “Tell the Scottish Terrier News about the weather

  1. In Central Connecticut it is almost all gone except maybe the snow left by plows. Mud, mud, mud, and little muddy paw prints, if anyone can teach the 4 scotties that are current population here 2 (fosters) how to wipe their feet, I'd appreciate it… Dave

  2. It's been mild in Spokane, WA the last week or so. Lots of rain, too, so we've had towels by the door to dry off the creature after his walks.

  3. We've had a pretty cold winter here in Scotland and Macintosh gets sore feet in the snow. He starts limping (like he has cramp) and has to stop and lick his paws. Is there anything I can do to help him as the forecast is for more snow? It's horrible seeing him like this and a real shame as he loves cold weather, just not on his paws.

  4. Hi – it's verrrry chilly here in London, only 1 degree today. Both scotties (Molly, 12, and Olive, 1) are curled up cosy together under my desk. We love/follow your blog! Kate & her two Scottish ladies

  5. Dog booties and the like work really well on cold feet and if you just want booties they aren't overly expensive (you can find them online) and they will still protect the pads if he can deal with wearing shoes of course. My Porter wears his paws out too so it's something that I had to figure out for him.

  6. Re Macintosh, apologies for the late reply.

    Bridget is Canadian and sometimes bothered by the salt on the streets and sometimes not at all.

    The one time I attempted to put boots on her, she was infuriated in a way I had never seen before and have not seen since.

    I have found that a thick coat of Vaseline can help. There are also products especially designed for musher dogs, and these work too but are very expensive.

  7. It is extremely bitter here in Pittsburgh and our streets are always over-salted. My Angus and Ozzie tolerate boots. I also use "Bag Balm" (very similar to vaseline) on their paws either before or after our walks. It keeps them from cracking and pretty much protects them from the salt.

  8. Hi Ann. Pittsburgh is currently (2/10/10) experiencing yet another 4-10 inch snowfall. We have not finished digging out from the previous 21 inches on Feb 6, and now this one. My boys love it though.

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