After 3 years in cage, rescue Scottie finds home

The first installment of Rosie the rescue Scottish Terrier’s tale came from Scotty Rescue News last November:

Meet Rosie, a 16 pound, 3 year old Scottie who has the makings of a wonderful little companion. Due to her previous life in a cage, Rosie’s behavior is just a a bit unusual as she seems to have no interest in things like squirrels or cats or toys. She is fearful of life out of a cage and runs from hiding spot to hiding spot throughout the house. To this point we have seen no response on her part to anything we say. I am pretty sure her hearing is fine, but she just doesn’t seem to pay attention to anything we say, even her name. Part of that is just from being a Scottie, and part may be from her being a bit overwhelmed in a totally new environment. She has shown some jealousy when other dogs approach us in her presence.

Luckily, things are going a lot better now.

8 thoughts on “After 3 years in cage, rescue Scottie finds home

  1. I adopted a Scottie who had spent his first 10 months alone in a cage. He was a wreck at first, as you have described. He'd even crawl on his belly he was so timid. I've had him 3 years and he has shown progessive improvement the whole time and has turned into a real free-wheeling Scottie rascal. Some tips: wave a treat around you face as you call the name, this will help the dog to realize we communicate with our face. Also confront the fears. A dog like this will feed off how you approach unknown things. If you feel: oh no this is going to scare him, that can re-enforce the fear. I would carelessly swagger up to the fearful item then give a treat when the dog followed. The more things he experiences, the quicker he'll adapt.

  2. We have 2 Rescue Scotties, and like your Rosie my Maggie was caged/crated for over 1 year. Hiding, skulking, not answering, fear of hands etc… 7 mos later she is the joy of our wee pack of "Tartan Terrors!"
    Congratulations on the Westminster win, it couldn't have gone to a better breed!

  3. Keep up the good work – Rosie will come around. We rescued Mack who had lived his first 16 months in a cage. After 8 months, he's learned to how to handle stairs, how to play with toys, how to run with his best buddy JR [a Jack Russell] in the back yard. The only he doesn't do is bark routinely in the house. He clicks his teeth when he wants some attention. He's the first dog we've had who eats all his food when it's put down & drinks water by the quart at one time.
    He eats Fish & Chips kibble.

  4. I have two rescued Scottiesl: Seamus, 11, an Ella, 4. Before Ella came to me, she had been put into a backyard with an older dog for a pal. She was terrified of people. She finally came to trust me. Now, she is widening her circle of friends and greets special ones in the dog park with great excitement and lots of tail wagging. Hang in there!

  5. It will just take time and patience. All my wee bairns are rescues. One little lad lived in a cage and had all sorts of odd behavior when he first arrived. He wanted to bite your face (he was terrified), he ran in tight little circles (cages are small for exercise and this is what he knew), he bolted food. The list goes on and on. Now he likes to sit on the sofa and watch television and snuggle, go on a nice walk, play with the other Scotties. He is also on Clomipramine twice a day and he will be for life. It has given him the calm he needs to be happy and not fearful. A good, solid routine that he can be sure of is essential for him…also yummy treats. 😉

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