France orders Swarovski to destroy Scottish Terriers

Le Point reports (in French):

Crystal maker Swarovski (left) has been ordered to pay 60,000 Euros in damages for copying the stylized Scottish Terrrier brand symbol of costume jewelery maker, Agatha (right), Agence France Presse reported. Swarovski must also destroy its supply of Scottie jewelry as part of the judgment against it.

6 thoughts on “France orders Swarovski to destroy Scottish Terriers

  1. That's goofy, they don't look anything alike, other than they are Scottish Terriers. What? She has the market on all scottie shapes now? What's next, copy infringement for using French Poodles on swirly skirts?


  2. I agree, the Agatha one is better imo but so what? Scotties have been used in fashion/jewelry for decades! And what about Chipie?? Is that OK because they are also French? What happens if Radley is sold in France?? I guess the "surviving" Swarovski Scotties are now collector's items!

  3. I agree with the last post, im a graphic designer as well, and they do have very large differences. boo.

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