Guest Reporter: Raleigh Pop @ Westminster

Good morning Sadie fans! We are live at Madison Square Garden where we will bring you all the Scottish Terrier updates from the 134th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Who are we? We are one half of the news team at Raleigh Pop. Thanks, Ann for sharing the news desk with us.

Terrier judging is tomorrow (Scotties at 11:30) so while we wait in suspense we will check in on the hounds, non-sporting, toy, and herding breeds. Thanks for reading! If you would like to send us tips you are more than welcome to write:

2 thoughts on “Guest Reporter: Raleigh Pop @ Westminster

  1. Hi Sarah,

    Let's make everyone forget those figure skaters at the Olympics.

    What are people saying at the water cooler about Sadie's chances.

    Scottie News is thrilled you're there to give us the inside scoop.


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