The making of a Scottie champ: More Sadie news

The Sadie stories just keep on coming. Let’s just say she’s a high maintenance Scottish Terrier who requires organic chicken hot dogs, daily grooming and treadmill workout. Sounds like Jennifer Aniston or Madonna.

And how did Sadie get her show name Roundtown Mercedes of Marytown? A reporter investigates:

(It’s) a complicated process that takes into account their ancestral heritage, prep school education and unparalleled willpower when it comes to resisting the urge to snack out of the cat litter box.

Speaking of ancestral heritage, researchers at the University of California have found that the version of the gene that in large part determines small size in dogs probably originated in dogs with the ancient domestication of grey wolves in the Middle East.

And finally, for today, David Frei, communications director for the Westminster Kennel club speculates on why terriers win so many dog show crowns:

Yes, terriers dominate at Westminster. I think that some of that has to do with what they were bred to do: look for trouble, go to ground and find rats and weasels and the like. That means that they are on their toes, always looking for trouble. That comes across as, “It’s their world and we’re just living in it” – and translates into an edgy performance in the show ring, which admittedly makes them look good.

On the other hand, goldens and Labs and most sporting dogs and a lot of other breeds want to live in our world. If they could talk, they would probably say “me too, me too.” Their devotion to their people is more important to them than anything else that is going on out there. And who would want it any other way?