Olympic Scottish Terriers: Luge training

And she even has the skintight brightly-coloured outfit:

5 thoughts on “Olympic Scottish Terriers: Luge training

  1. It looks like dad is having more fun than the little puppy, but it seems quite used to all this sillyness 🙂
    I'm afaid we must all be slightly guilty of doing daft things with our little darlings… I'm absolutly shamefull in my daftness were Kirk is concerned LOL…I just don't dare tape it.

  2. owner and pup are just cute as a button! I love how he reassures her after she takes a tumble.

    I agree with tcmum, getting really really tired of the spam from the apparel folks. I turned moderation back on at my blog, but I keep seeing them spam all of my friends. It is going to end up hurting them in the long run.

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