OMG, Westie is dog of choice for vampire movie, TV stars

Here’s a West Highland Terrier Wednesday that will have teenage girls around the globe screaming hysterically. Robert Pattinson, who plays heartthrob Edward in the Twilight series, has a Westie named Patty. And, OMG, she’s like his girlfriend:

The Londoner recently revealed in a magazine that he has lost his heart to the West Highland White Terrier.

“The only emotional connection of relevance is with my dog,” the Remember Me actor confirmed.

“My relationship with my dog – it’s ridiculous.”

Meanwhile Sam Trammell, who plays bar owner Sam Merlotte in the hit HBO show, True Blood where he shape shifts into dogs, has been known to engage in a little real-life method acting with his Westie, according to Scotland’s Daily Record:

“It’s fun turning into dogs. I love dogs, and l have a little West Highland Terrier called Flossy – they’re the best, so smart.

“She is very helpful. In one scene last season, I had to sniff someone’s bed like a dog would, so l was rolling around on the bed naked, and l watched the dog to see how she would do it and got some good tips.”

Stay safe, Westies.

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