Quick Comments from Sadie’s Excited Handler, Gabriel Rangel

After the win, we caught handler Gabriel Rangel for some quick comments. Wiping sweat from his brow, literally, he responded to reporters.

Q: What was Sadie’s mood today?
A: She was so anxious to get going.

Q: And you?
A: I am excited because she makes me feel so good.

Q: How are you dealing with the expectations?
A: That can make you nervous if you pay attention. You just have to show your dog the best.

Rangel then turned to signing autographs for fans and said that Sadie enjoys watching tv to relax. What channel? Animal Planet, of course.

We have to admit, Sadie is such a hyped-up dog, we did not expect to be taken. But this pair is kinda cute. Best of luck to them.

3 thoughts on “Quick Comments from Sadie’s Excited Handler, Gabriel Rangel

  1. I too was ready to find Sadie somewhat of a "hype" ….but after meeting her a few years ago at the STCA Rotating Speciality, I found a real Scottie girl, serious, playful and fun…she loved getting petted, and is very much a genuine show stopper. I do have six Scotties of my own to compare her to, and she would fit right in our pack.
    The public may get the impression these show dogs are not real pets…but the majority of them really are; just like any other sport there are some who want the win more than others. Sadie is that kind of Scottie….we wish her all the best tonight…
    from the Scottie pack in Dallas, go team Sadie!

  2. I don't know Sadie, but I know a winner — and she has all it takes!! Go Sadie — win the big one for my An'GUS — he never got to see a Scottie win BIS! But I know he's watching out for you tonight!
    Upstate NY for Team Sadie!
    Roger, Magic & Elliott!

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