Rare photo of FDR in wheelchair with Fala

The Franklin Delano Roosevelt library has only three photos of the former president in a wheelchair and one of them is with his granddaughter and Fala, his beloved Scottish Terrier. Fala was notoriously shaggy, so much so that in this photo, it’s hard to make out his features.

5 thoughts on “Rare photo of FDR in wheelchair with Fala

  1. Lovely. My husband prefers our scottie Macintosh shaggy but I much prefer him clipped so my husband has his way in winter and I have mine in summer!

  2. I grew up with Scotties and, out of 40+ years, only for the last 15 or so years have I been having their hair cut in the traditional Scottie cut! I love the au naturale Fala look!

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