Sadie the Scottie champ’s big day in New York

All eyes were on Sadie today as she toured Manhattan. The New York Daily News has a great report (no longer available) on how she upstaged Leonardo DiCaprio on Good Morning America, visited with the ladies of The View and allowed admirers to stroke her silky beard.

The Scottish Terrier and Dog News will track down more links after dinner.

We’re back.

American readers, you can catch Sadie on the View here. It’s Hulu so that means the rest of the world — including the editorial staff in the Toronto world headquarters of the Scottie News — can’t see it unless you’re a super hacker type who knows how to surf the net using proxies.

5 thoughts on “Sadie the Scottie champ’s big day in New York

  1. I wonder who the sire is they've selected? Wow, now that is a difficult decision! To find a dog as great as she is with compatible and comparable pedigree…line bred?…out cross? It will be interesting to follow.

  2. OMG! Where do we sign up for one of the puppies?? (after we re-mortgage of course..)

    Does that mean she's retiring? Or just taking a break.

    I wonder what kind of shampoo it was? I thought you shouldn't use people shampoo on dogs. I think someone commented earlier that she could advertise shampoos/grooming products.

  3. I just hope it's not a Lady Di scenario where they match her up with the wrong guy, right pedigree.

    And poor Tad the Chihuahua — has he been dumped?

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