Sadie the Scottish Terrier wins Westminster Best in Show

Phew, good thing there were no Olympic-style judging fiascos.

Sadie won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Newcomers, you can read the Scottie Newsextensive Sadie archives here.

And please, Sadie and Gabriel, don’t forget we knew you back when.

Enjoy your moment. You deserve it.

Here’s the official AP video which shows the PETA protestors who didn’t make it on to TV. I’m a bit surprised that PETA is advocating adoption given that they’re against all pets and is involved in high-kill shelters.

8 thoughts on “Sadie the Scottish Terrier wins Westminster Best in Show

  1. Sadie, I knew you were a Winner — and when I saw your butt wiggle in the Best in Breed video, it was sealed for me! You gave me my one last dream — to see another Scottie take Westminster. This one was for my An'GUS (RB) and all the other Scotties who never got to see a Scottie take Westminster! Thank you and Congratulations to you and your handler, family, and breeder!! Long live Sadie!!

  2. cheerio SADIE – you made us all proud. your handler is also just great and fits well with your wiggle butt. we loved to see your best in breed performance and we look forward to also get a non-potty glimpse of the Best in Show.

  3. There was no doubt in my (our) mind that Sadie would win BIS. She is so beautiful and obviously a very happy dog! Congrats Sadie!

  4. One of the best comments all night I heard was from the commentator while Sadie was on the table at Best in Show "Well no dog can be perfect but…"

  5. I am sooo happy for little Sadie but maybe we should write a little something about how Scotties are definitely not for everyone. I'm a little paranoid now that everyone will go out and buy one as we've seen in previous years not knowing anything about them! We all know what our terriers are like…but we're willing to put up with them! It takes a lot of love and patience to put up with our "little donkeys" as I like to put it. Especially when they sit in the middle of the kitchen and expect you to walk around THEM while you make dinner and do the dishes!!

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