Sadie stands up the Scottish Terrier and Dog News

Yes, dear readers, I am sorry to report that the Westminster favourite, Roundtown Mercedes of Maryscot, turned out to be unavailable to meet with the Scottie News. We were supposed to connect with her handler Gabriel Rangel to arrange a time and place for a probing, in-depth interview, but were unable to reach him.

Given all the pressure on Sadie, we are prepared to let this one go, but if she does indeed win we hope she won’t forget that the Scottish Terrier and Dog News knew her way back when — before those fancy big city newspapers were even aware of her doggie existence.

The Scottish Terriers will be in the ring tomorrow at 11:30.

Go Sadie!!!!!!

3 thoughts on “Sadie stands up the Scottish Terrier and Dog News

  1. Shocking!!!

    I'm sure it wasn't Sadie's fault. She needs a new PA though. Maybe you will get another chance?! Enjoy the show…
    Teagan & Ceilidh will be watching and I'm sure Teagan will "cheer".

  2. Hi tcmum,

    I am actually no longer in New York.

    Sarah of Raleigh Pop will be acting as special correspondent to the Scottie News.


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