A Scottish Terrier gold scam from down under

This landed in my inbox this morning:

Hello Ann,

I came across your blog while I was looking for pictures of Scottish Terriers, the reason I was doing this is that Caroline (my partner) and I found a gold nugget that looks like a Scottish Terrier! We prospect for gold on occassion as a hobby which fits in very well with our love of the outdoors and camping.

Just over a week ago we were in an area called the golden triangle in Victoria, Australia, an area which has what is known as the purest alluvial gold (98%) in the world…I wont bore you with all that. Anyway, the reason I thought I’d contact you is to send you some pics of the nugget and to see if you think a Scottish Terrier lover would be interested in buying the nugget as a collectors item. To be honest we still haven’t made up our minds if we actually want to sell it but we thought that there’s no harm in asking.

Nugget Details
Weight: 23.7g
Est. Dimensions: 30mm x 23mm x 12mm

Have a great day!

Here’s the so-called “Scottish Terrier” nugget:

Dear Phil,

Yes, please save it for me. After all my stocks crashed in 2008, I decided gold was the only safe place to be. Do you have a Nigerian bank account where I can transfer my life savings?

Thank you so much for this awesome opportunity.


3 thoughts on “A Scottish Terrier gold scam from down under

  1. As someone who works with a rescue committee for scotties and who owns rescue scotties himself who have found themselves victims of foreclosure, or have been given up because of health problems, I'll volunteer to rescue this scottie. When I find the right home for it I will make sure the re-homing fee will be used to help other scotties in trouble.

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