Should dogs be allowed in stores?

The New York Times explores two different points of view and then follows up.

5 thoughts on “Should dogs be allowed in stores?

  1. Yes but with an **, we worked with ours so that she would understand what was acceptable store behavior. So many owners are not responsible enough.

  2. Ewe….no. I have dogs, and they like to mark their spots. Has nothing to do with relieving themselves. When we travel, both dogs wear diapers in others homes or in pet friendly hotels. Bonnie has cute hot pants and Puffy has a belly band cumberbund guy thingy. I would be MORTIFIED if they marked their spot in any store other than PetsMart or Petco where it's expected and they have clean up supplies. I guess if you carry your dog or have a purse type thing or backpack for them, it would be ok.


  3. This really makes me wonder–first the dogs, then will it be cats? Enough cat dander will send me into anaphylactic shock. It doesn't matter if the cat is in the store at that moment, I still get the reaction if the cat WAS there and left some of its proteins behind.
    I took in my first terrier a few months ago, a westie to be exact. While I absolutely love her and ensure that she is housebroken and well-behaved, I can't bring myself to take her into a store with me (besides a pet shop, that is). I went to a small yarn shop yesterday–I know the owner, and I've seen other little dogs inside other yarn shops, but I didn't know how she would feel about my sweet little pet coming into HER store. I'd rather not risk feeling mortified if she said pets weren't allowed and asked me to leave, so I avoided the problem altogether by leaving the dog in the car (it was only a 10 minute stop, and better in the car then tied up outside). I guess I'm not bold enough to ask for special treatment, but that also means no one is made uncomfortable by my actions.
    I believe the polite thing to do is leave the dog at home, unless you know there is a sign in the shopfront that says "pets welcome". At least–I hope others will feel this way, so that I don't have to worry about facing a sudden allergic reaction just because of the store I walked into!

  4. As my dog is better behaved than most people's children then he should be allowed! He behaves beautifully when in the pub and the same the odd time he's been in shops.

  5. Oh Pam, that is terrible, funny but terrible.

    Pippi is different, she travels with us and is used to going into places that are for people. She is under my desk at the office right now.

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