Tributes: Bonnie the Scottie who could really work a hat

Bob and Linda of wrote to say that their dog Bonnie, sister of Huckleberry and Finn, all of whom have been featured here at the Scottie News at one time or another, passed away at age 12. There are many fine photos of Bonnie, all dressed up in fabulous outfits, at her site and in this video.

RIP, Bonnie.

2 thoughts on “Tributes: Bonnie the Scottie who could really work a hat

  1. My condolences to Bonnie's skin parents, she was a good looking girl. As an aside, does anyone know what makes black scotties get that red tinge? Our Piper gets really red in the summer, so I suspect it has something to do with the sun.

    To Renan Peterson-Wagner, I'd say Scottie, or maybe a dark Cairn.

  2. Rest in peace beautiful BonnieScot. You really could work a hat and I loved your pearls, too! You were loved and will be missed!
    Diane and the Scotties at 2dogranch

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