Vegas odds 8-1 for Scottish Terrier at Westminster

John Avello, director of race and sports operations at the Wynn in Las Vegas, has now joined others in hailing Sadie (Roundtown Mercedes of Maryscot) as the favourite to win the 2010 Westmnister dog show, setting the odds at 8-1.

NBC Sports reports:

If he is correct, Sadie will be the 46th terrier to take the title since the Best in Show award was introduced in 1907. The Reign of the Terriers began that year when Warren Remedy, a smooth fox terrier, won the first of his three consecutive titles.

“While I am reluctant to pile it all on the Scottie, the breed does have a record of success at Westminster,” said David Frei, director of communications for the Westminster Kennel Club. “To date, seven Scottish terriers have taken the title. However, the last time was in 1995.”

Here’s the Scottie Newsin-depth report on past Scottish Terrier winners at Westminster as well as our extensive Sadie archives.

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