What could go wrong for Sadie at Westminster?

The Scottish Terrier and Dog News adds some relevant links to an Associated Press report:

NEW YORK — She is a hot dog, this little Sadie. Tongue out and wagging tail up, the perky, 4-year-old Scottish terrier has won more than 100 best in show ribbons and is the overwhelping favorite to complete dogdom’s Triple Crown this week at Westminster. She’s already charmed the judge, in fact.

What in the show world could go wrong for America’s top dog at America’s top pooch pageant?

Well, plenty.

Two years ago, she got spooked at Madison Square Garden. Her handler’s new shoes were too squeaky, the wooden boards covering the ice hockey rink thumped too loudly. There was a stray TV monitor that threw her, too.

Then last February, she had a potty accident on the green carpet while coming out to take her place in the final ring.

Come Tuesday night, it could be Sadie’s turn. Or not. Because inside those purple and gold ropes, the show world revolves around one guiding principle.

Dog on the day.

May Tuesday be a super day for Sadie!

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