A beloved Scottish Terrier movie critic passes on

This is a sad but fitting article (unfortunately the link has expired) for the day after the Oscars:

Duncan, known to many Virginian-Pilot readers simply as the movie critic dog, is dead.

My 25-pound Scottish terrier drew national and international attention after an article in The Pilot revealed his outspoken reactions to movies.

At age 10, he died of a heart attack at a local clinic after going into shock following a blood check.

Duncan, registered as Duncan McCloud Highlander II, “reviewed” most of his movies on my big-screen home TV, but he occasionally attended

private theatrical screenings at AMC Lynnhaven 18 cinema in Virginia Beach and the Naro Expanded Cinema in Norfolk. It was at a screening of “Chicken Run” that the audience noticed his varied and logical reactions.

I will write to the author to extend my sympathies and ask if s/he has any photos or video to share with the Scottie News.

RIP, Duncan.