Did Scottish Terrier die from flea medication?

U.S. courts will decide whether Hartz Mountain Corp. is responisble for poisoning pets with its flea or tick treatments, which contain Pyrethrin, or a synthetic version of the chemical Pyrethroids.

In one lawsuit, “a man from California saw his Scottish Terrier, Duffy, die three days after he treated him with Hartz flea and tick drops. Rick Parsons took Duffy to the veterinarian’s facility because he did not appear well. Duffy died at the Vet’s office that day and the Vet reportedly said the death was due to a ‘reaction to the insecticide.’

The suit reportedly states that Parsons contacted Hartz, which reviewed the case and denied any responsibility, saying that the dog’s death was due to ‘underlying health problems.’ The suit goes on to state ‘in 2008 alone, there were approximately 48,000 reports of adverse events from the spot-on or squeeze-on products including pyrethrins, Permethrin, or other pyrethroids.’”

One thought on “Did Scottish Terrier die from flea medication?

  1. RIP Duffy & condolences to his owner. You may like to read this about pyrethrins: http://www.peteducation.com/article.cfm?c=2+1677+1684&aid=2252
    Extra worrying that it says this is one of the more "natural" insecticides that a pet owner may assume is safer. Scotties are known to be very sensitive to chemicals so I don't doubt Duffy did have a bad reaction 🙁 It's hard to know what to do for the best sometimes!

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