Photos of Filisite Brash Celebration (Rico), winner of the Terrier Group at Crufts 2010

The money shot.

The podium shots (from another show.)

The chilling-at-home shot.

Congratulations, Rico. Just one awkward question — so, do you own one of those strange Russian Scottie suits?

10 thoughts on “Photos of Filisite Brash Celebration (Rico), winner of the Terrier Group at Crufts 2010

  1. Haha, the costumes :). Mine (estonian scotties, not from Russia) have these as well and we use these only when it´s raining heavily or the snow is melting. It protects the "skirt" and it´s much easier to keep dogs clean after the morning walk (or whatever walk).
    Having scottie you probably know how the dog can look like after 30minutes outside with bad weather. All the sand or snow they are able to bring inside is just unbelievable.
    But I have to say also that my scotties don´t like those costumes at all! It´s because they are not used to wear these and I rather prefer to clean flat than fight with dogs who are behaving like donkeys on the street just because I´m forced them to wear doggie costumes:).

  2. Yes KK, I am amazed that the costumed Scotties in the video take it all so well. They don't seem at all perturbed by the fact they are wearing such unflattering clothes.

    Bridget would not be happy if I tried to dress her like that.

    The only time she ever got mad at me was when I tried to put some doggie boots on her.

  3. Yes, it could happen that they don´t want to wear the costume. I think this is not something you can buy from pet shop as every scottie is unique and the measurements can vary. Of course they sell something as well here but haven´t heard that some owners have found something suitable there. Most of them still order the costume from "personal tailor" or sew it by themselves.
    The material is very important, if it´s not comfortable and makes some noise, dog will not like it.

    There was a small factory near my place where they tried to create a ideal model for scottie costumes but they failed. My doggies were "supermodels" there 😀 and they tested different versions & materials but finally just gave up. It´s much easier to produce and sell some safety vests than waterproof costumes for doggies. So it´s good to have "personal tailor" if you really plan to have such a costume for your doggie :).

    Here is one small pics of my doggies wearing both – vests and costumes.

  4. KK, your dogs look great, but I have to ask about their bums. Is it an Estonian thing to shave them there?

    It seems like a canine Estonian version of the human Brazilian if you get my drift.

    Meanwhile, on the clothes, I just never would have guessed there were so many options.

    Anyway, your dogs are wearing timeless classics in the opinion of the Scottie News.

  5. Well I have enjoyed being enlightened about the, I suppose, Eastern phenomenon of Scottie Suits! 🙂 I wonder if this could be a hit in Britain, quite a few issues with the weather and muck for walkies there sometimes!

    And our Teagan and Ceilidh have kind of shaved bums, hygiene you know…

  6. If you want information on shaved bums, I've got everything you need.

    Leave an email address in the comments and I'll be touch.

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