Scottish Terrier Books: The Fala Factor

I was checking out the tweets of various Scottish Terriers on Twitter yesterday when I stumbled across a photo of the book jacket above from @AngusFala. A little research on the author, the late Stuart M. Kaminsky, turned up several interesting facts. Among other things, he wrote more than 50 novels, served as president of the Mystery Writers of America, and inspired Sara Paretsky to dedicate the first novel in her V. I. Warshawski private-eye series to him.

As a mega-fan of the early V.I. books, I’m prepared to put my faith in Paretsky’s dedication. Along with the audio book version of The Fala Factor, which was first published in 1984, there are also several used copies available on Amazon.

Here’s the Library Journal review of the audio book:

The year is 1942, and America is starting to feel the pinch of wartime deprivation. For gumshoe Toby Peters, “doing without” is no big deal; he scrapes by as a private eye by doing the oddest of odd jobs, and he seems to be surrounded by a coterie of curious characters. This time, it’s none other than Eleanor Roosevelt. The First Lady is convinced that the president’s little dog, Fala, has been kidnapped and seeks the aid of Toby to track down the real First Dog. The fun begins: Toby finds himself uncovering a plot to overthrow the government by a crackpot political party known as the New Whigs, dodging whacks from a cop who dislikes him intensely, and being framed for a murder he can’t prove he didn’t commit. As usual, reader Tom Parker gives all characters distinctive low-life voices (except for Eleanor, of course), and his vocal gymnastics adds immensely to the overall enjoyment of another Peters adventure.

If you’ve read the book, feel free to add your opinion in the comments.

3 thoughts on “Scottish Terrier Books: The Fala Factor

  1. That's what I thought at first, but as far as I can tell, it's just a regular book. I'm guessing All-Bran plays some sort of role in the story although I'm not sure I need the details.

    1. Toby Peters is a regular breakfast cereal eater. It doesn’t
      matter much what kind, he likes many varieties; shredded wheat, puffed wheat and puffed rice, cream of wheat, and many others. He often mixes them together.

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