Sigh, New Yorker still can’t tell Scotties from Westies

How many times can their fact checkers mix up two distinct dog breeds? They should have listened to the Scottish Terrier and Dog News last time we pointed out this mistake.

7 thoughts on “Sigh, New Yorker still can’t tell Scotties from Westies

  1. 95% of the world thinks Scotties only come in black or black brindle. They immediately assume that a Wheaten Scottish Terrier is a Westie. It's up to we Scottiephiles to educate them. And you are doing a great job of it!

  2. Well, to be fair, this Westie is made entirely of foliage so there's not really a black/white issue.

    To me, it's all about the head shape.

    Hope your puppies are doing well.

  3. Hooray, a Scottie just won Best in the Terrier Group at Crufts! Now he goes through to the Best in Show judging on Sunday *fingers crossed*

    Barney, the resident Scottie here, is very excited about it.

    Kate in London

  4. Koons' Puppy is a wonder to behold up close and personal, but I'm sure there are lots of guide books that list it as a Scottie. It really does look nothing like a Scottie, mind!

    Did you know that a local police officer was shot dead while foiling a plot to blow up Puppy ('gardeners' had been planting grenades in the post).

  5. to the untrained eye…yeah it's tricky. my wife and i have a scottie and a westie. where i live, they can tell which one is the scottie but then they ask me "so what's that white dog then?"

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