Speaking of Fala the Famous

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And while we’re on the subject of Fala, the chairman of events at Wilderstein Historic Site in Rhinebeck, New York—upstate in the Hudson Valley, recently wrote to say:

We are having our bi-annual Fala Gala this spring on May 22, and I wanted to share some information for your website and fellow Scottie fans…

Wilderstein was the home for the Suckley family for over 150 years. Margaret (Daisy) Suckley, the last resident, was a distant cousin to Franklin Roosevelt,and his close companion. She gave to FDR the Scottish terrier Fala. Daisy was also responsible for Fala’s care when she travelled with the president, as she did frequently. When she passed away at 99 years old, Widlerstein Preservation was formed to maintain the home and grounds for public use and enjoyment. We are a non-profit organization (working) to preserve this unique site.

This will be our 7th bi-annual gala, and we would certainly be pleased if any of your readers had the opportunity to visit the site, especially during our event. The day is always a fun day with Scotties, and many dogs of all persuasions romping around the grounds.

Mark your calendars, everyone!

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  1. GREAT shot – priceless. I once posed next to Fala after quite an expotition to find him in DC and I looked pretty small next to him myself – not that surprised though. 🙂

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