Scottish Terrier News Reader Photos: Spring Edition

Winter Tails

We may be getting into spring but Ellie, Rebus, Harvey and Malcolm (clockwise from top left) still rock the snowy look.

Celebratory Scotties

Whether they’re strutting in dog shows like Molly, celebrating a birthday like Cameron, or getting ready to carve a pumpkin like Malcolm, these dogs know how it’s done.

Perfect Pairs

Weederman and Pepper the “ScotChi”, Angus and Ozzie the Westie, Angus and Dougal, Packy and Mary all make dynamic duos.

Puppy Dog Eyes

Bailey (top and bottom), Scout and Jasper (left to right) turn it up for the camera.

Pack Animals

Top: Mr MacBean (left), Duncan (right) and Angus (bottom)
Middle: Bella and Kenzie’s new litter
Bottom: Kasimir (middle) and Skye terrier puppy friends
These Scotties are definitely not lone wolves!


Scottie, from Brazil, spends some time at the beach.

Scotties and kids: double the cute!

Margot and Artie, the Scottie Top), a Toronto trio (middle) and Max and the late Jack, a “European” Scottie who weighed in at 54 lbs (bottom), prove Scotties are 100% kid-friendly in the right circumstances.


As of March 20th, it’s officially spring so Nessie (top) and another Scottie can’t wait to get out there.

Happy spring! Thank you to everyone who sent in their pictures. Please keep sending them in to If for some reason, your photo got eaten by our mailbox, don’t be shy, resend it. We try to publish at least one photo from everyone who sends them in. Absolutely no one or no dog gets rejected, but they do sometimes get overlooked in error.

2 thoughts on “Scottish Terrier News Reader Photos: Spring Edition

  1. Oh my goodness! pepper and Weederman are so delighted to be included amid such glorious doggies! They are closer than ever now, and even share the large dog bed at times. Pepper has even trained up Weedy on the fine art of mousing in pairs! They are a very happy pair together. Thank you so much for including them!

  2. I just adore Kasimir and the skye puppies! They are the sweetest things I have ever seen! I need a Skye puppy for Nessie!

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