Welcome to all the Russians visiting Scottie News, but there’s something you need to know

Oh dear, Russian Scottish Terrier fans, I hate to be the bearer of bad news on such a celebratory occasion, but did you know you that you come from a country whose Prime Minister and ex-President Vladimir Putin has a sad history of disparaging Scotties?

Yes, although he keeps a secret poodle in the closet, Bad Vlad pretends small dogs are not suitable for macho men like himself.

Vladimir Putin poodle Tosya dog
Now, however, with Filisite Brash Celebration’s precocious second-place showing at Crufts, the Scottie News thinks the time has come for Putin to apologize to Scottish Terriers and their owners the world over. He can start with young Rico, as he’s known.
Sadly, Putin is not the only famous and powerful man to shun “girly dogs.” The Scottie News has had to out several others.