A tale of two Scottish Terrier champs

Jen Moser, pet photographer in Indiana, sent along these photos of Sadie aka Roundtown Mercedes of Marytown a while back. As a former Scottie owner (if you read “About Jen” on her website you can find out more), she has a soft spot for Scottish Terriers. She photographed Sadie  at the Roy Jones Dog Show in Fort Wayne, IN in the fall of 2009.

The Scottish Terrier and Dog News is especially impressed with her hindquarters given that Bridget looks likes she’s sporting dreadlocks these days.

Some readers compared Sadie’s grooming to that of Rico aka Filisite Brash Celebration, the young dog who finished in second place at Crufts. These photos don’t show the details that well but I wanted to post them because Lana was kind enough to send them along.

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  1. Could someone please tell me what you call the "feet" Sadie is standing on in the second picture?

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