Happy ending: Kidnapped Scottie dog returned

Black Jack, the Jersey City Scottish Terrier who was snatched from outside a local 7-eleven, is back home, reports the Jersey Journal.

The dog was returned to (his owner) after a man bought him for $100 in Journal Square on Tuesday. When the man saw an article about the dog-napping in The Jersey Journal that day, he got in touch with Fadden on Wednesday.

“I was elated, overjoyed. I couldn’t believe it,” Fadden said while holding Blackjack outside of her Baldwin Avenue home. “I’m glad that the man who bought the dog did the right thing. He read the article and said he felt bad.”

Fadden said she paid the man a $500 reward for bringing the 21/2-year-old dog back to her.

4 thoughts on “Happy ending: Kidnapped Scottie dog returned

  1. Is there a lesson learned here? I wouldn't tie up my children outside a 7-11 nor would I tie up my Scotties similarly. It's nice the story ended happily. Take the dog inside the store with you. I do and have never had a problem. If you do, find another place to spend your money.

  2. Boy, is she one lucky person.
    And Black Jack is one sweet fella.

    Lessons hard learned are well learned.

    Never leave your companion tied-up anywhere – NEVER EVER!!!

  3. OH GOOD. How lucky they were!! I was hoping the thief just saw dollar signs and sold him on to someone more honest. Not all stolen pets are so lucky. πŸ™ It would be nice to think we can trust our fellow man even for just a couple of minutes… not enough for me & I guess, not for Blackjack!!

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