In Jersey City, a Scottish Terrier is kidnapped

The Hudson Reporter has a story that raises more questions than it answers:

JERSEY CITY AND BEYOND — It was 2:30 a.m. on Easter Sunday when Jersey City resident Lisa Fadden tied her black Scottie dog outside of the Journal Square 7-11 to pick up milk. She kept her eye on the dog the whole time.

While she was about to buy her groceries, she saw a man untie her dog and start to walk away with him.

You can read the whole bizarre story if you follow the link.

13 thoughts on “In Jersey City, a Scottish Terrier is kidnapped

  1. What kind of MORON leaves a dog tied up in public while she wanders into a store at 2am? I *NEVER* left our dogs alone in any public setting, *EVER*, and she's an idiot for doing so! I'm only sorry it was a Scottie who was stolen–this airheaded woman doesn't deserve to have a Scottie. :-<

  2. Um, I leave my dog tied up while I duck into stores all the time.

    The 2 o'clock in the morning thing left me stumped though.

    Pile on, everybody.

    I know there are different opinions — to put it nicely — on tying up dogs.

  3. I don't even tie my Scotties outside my own home, a safe neighborhood. Too much opportunity for dog to be attacked by pitbulls who escape, or worse, some vicious little dog. Both have happened to me and mine. Never leave my dog in a car alone; would never leave a Scottie tied up in public place. At 2 a.m. my Scotties are safe in my home in bed with us. Never lost one yet and I'm not going to start after 33 years with Scotties. This could have happened at 2pm just as easily — there are sick people out there.

  4. Yeah, I leave my dog tied up outside from time to time. Never had a problem with it.

    I feel horrible for this woman. I'm glad she got the license #…I hope she gets her dog back.

  5. Hm, maybe it's a more urban thing to leave your dog tied up outside…I'd just think you're really taking a risk though "in this day & age" at any hour – is it worth it?? Of course possibly even more when you have a purebred dog. Some countries they leave the baby in the pram outside the shop too (not sure if that's still done so much either!). Well I still hope she gets her dog back & lesson learned – although, if they got the lisence #…you'd have thought it's case closed (??!)

  6. What's up with the Police? I would be sitting in their office until I had my dog back in my arms. If they booted me out, I would hire a private dectective — they work for $, even if the Police don't. How angry making is this story!!

  7. It is an urban thing…I leave my Scottie tied up at my local Starbucks. Every one who visits that particular Starbucks knows it's my dog…even the Starbucks employees know him by name. I don't mind leaving him outside Starbucks so long as I can see him out the window, but I am hesitant to leave him anywhere else especially after midnight…I don't think I could do that. As for this woman, I'm sure she's learned her lesson. But if I was her, I would be contacting the Police Chief and then the Mayor's office for answers to why her case hasn't been pursued…unless the guy with the Lexus is a major donor to the Police Chief and Mayor's campaign.

  8. Shawnay, they even have special dog hitching posts outside the Starbucks in my hood.

    I have to admit, though, that I do always feel uneasy when I duck into a store and my dog is out of sight for more than a few seconds.

    Sometimes, I'll pay a trustworthy panhandler to watch her so I can take my time.

    In Montreal, the local Starbucks had a regular panhandler with his own dog. For 25 cents a day, I got dog sitting on the occasions I needed it.

    Frankly, I can't even imagine leaving the house at 2 a.m. in Jersey City. Not my scene.

    I suspect there's more to this story than meets the eye.

    We should post the license plate number on the Scottie News.

  9. Gosh, how civilised! That aside personally I still wouldn't risk it. Of course, if you could just bring your dog in with you, even better!! The story is very fishy though. 🙁

  10. I don't get this story. What is wrong with the PD there in Jersey!

    Just seems that if a license plate were assigned to that Lexus, the case would be closed. Per the link above….

    Anyone with information on the dognapping can call police at 201-547-5477, or you can contact the Faddens at 201-222-0282. NJ License plate WHV17E

    This is so annoying!! Maybe folks who leave their dogs tied, parked, whatever, alone, will re-think this practice.

    My Scotties are onleash at the end of my or my husband's hand. I've never allowed my petsitters to walk my Scotties, nevermind a panhandler.

    I live in suburbia, but it wouldn't matter where I lived, there are loose dogs, crazy people everywhere.

    Poor BlackJack…..

  11. If she saw the plate and make of the cay then let's get it out there. I want this guy to know that dog owners will get there dogs back.

  12. Happy to hear that the beloved Scot has his human back…bet the human is rethinking the practice of tethering said beloved Scot out of site in future.

    As for me: would not, could not, will not, won't. The risk of something negative occuring far out weighs my need for coffee, milk, newspaper, whatever. Just my personal way.

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