Video from the Jersey City Scottie kidnapping

More here. Let’s hope Black Jack is returned.

7 thoughts on “Video from the Jersey City Scottie kidnapping

  1. Hm, this report wasn't all that helpful – mentioned she got a description of the car but they didn't say what it was or the lisence number!! Grrrr…come on people!!

  2. First, my heart goes out to this woman. Second, I'm mad because the report says she habitually left her Scottie tied up outside the store — who does that?! Especially after Sadie's win at Westminster, we KNOW that the eyes of the world are on Scotties right now. People see a Scottie and think it is a valuable show dog, whether it is or not. Dognapping goes on in every urban and suburban area — I have to say that this woman could have left her dog at home at 2:00 in the morning. It is so sad, but she has to assume some of the blame that this happened — I would NEVER leave my Scotties tied up unsupervised, even for a minute. I hope Black Jack comes home safely, and that Scottie owners everywhere learn from this.

  3. I never even thought about the Sadie factor. But that's another great reason for Scottie people re-thinking tying their Scottie outdoors, leaving Scottie in car, or just unattended anywhere. (There is nothing in my life more valuable than my Scotties. They are my children.) She must assume 100% of the blame, sorry to say. Blackjack should have been left at home, plain and simple. I listed the license plate on a previous post, it came from the second article.

  4. A Scottie link to a top news story today – very sad news that the Polish President, Lech Kaczynski, and his wife Maria, died in a plane crash today. One fact you may not know is that they were the loving owners of a Scottie called Tytus, who you can find featured on Mrs. Kaczynski's webpage here. I hope Tytus the Scottie and their two cats find loving homes with relatives.
    Kate and Barney the Scottie in London

  5. Imho 100% of the blame on the owner is a bit much…someone didn't have to take him just because he was left alone for a few minutes, obviously belonging to someone. At 2 am I'm not sure it was just a conscientious animal lover. I'm sure the poor woman is just sick with regret in addition to stress over this. She already said she'd never do it again if she got him back and this has probably given all of us food for thought (altho I agree with you anyway re. not leaving them) – too bad we live in this kind of world!! Also I meant that the TV news report should have given out the number & description – why not?!

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