Westie Wednesday: A bizarre dognapping and court case

Read it yourself. This week’s West Highland Terrier Wednesday story is way too complicated to explain. After last week, it makes me wonder if Westies are become the new Yorkies, when it comes to crime.

4 thoughts on “Westie Wednesday: A bizarre dognapping and court case

  1. Wow, what a long, convoluted story! You have to think it would have helped if he was micro-chipped, at least when the police were involved it could have then been proven to be her dog or not! As for Westies being the new Yorkies.. maybe, they are eye-catching and in the public eye with Cesar, etc. – but whatever your breed, you still can't be too safety-conscious with your dog, I'd say.

  2. Big mistake for Ellison to leave her dog once she spotted him. If she was waiting for the police to arrive, then the speeding with her in the car would have been proof in her case, along with the friend who called the police as a witness. I wouldn't have walked away if I spotted my dog after searching for him. Why she did is curious.

    Westies are everywhere in Los Angeles. The only Yorkie I've seen here is the Mini Tea-cup size.

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