Westie Wednesday: Shropshire beset by violent dognappers

Is there a dognapping ring at work in the British town of Telford? The Shropshire Star has been investigating worrying reports about West Highland Terriers being targeted:

Thieves thought to be stealing to order are dog-napping valuable pedigree West Highland terriers across Telford, it has been claimed.

A number of owners have fallen victim to the thieves and, as yet, none of the dogs have been recovered. It is thought young, un-neutered dogs are on the thieves’ shopping list and are then being used for breeding.

And as if that wasn’t bad enough, the Star subsequently reported on a daring attempted dog snatching:

A man out walking his two dogs in Telford managed to fight off an attacker who tried to snatch them from him, police today said.

Telford police spokesman Chris Ammonds said it happened at about 9.30pm on Saturday as a man was walking his two Jack Russell-cross dogs.

He said the owner was walking towards the garage at Trench Lock when he noticed a Ford Transit pick-up approaching from Sommerfield Road.

Mr Ammonds said: “An unknown man got out of the pick-up and asked the dog owner if he wanted to sell the animals.

“He was told they were not for sale, at which the man grabbed the dogs by the leads and shoved the owner away.

What a terrible situation.

3 thoughts on “Westie Wednesday: Shropshire beset by violent dognappers

  1. Nothing some people won't do for money! 🙁 They are probably selling them onto breeders to fund their drug habits, of course.

    On another note it's interesting that the example the paper could find of a Westie appears to be dressed as a bride?!

  2. Yes tcmum, bad canine wardrobe!
    This is the most alarming post I've seen on this blog. This is also an example of why you should get to know the breeder before you buy a puppy–you could unknowingly be funding dog-theft-breeding!

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