Where can you find large Scottish Terriers?

Reader Lisa is trying to find a Scottie similar to her big guy Jack, who she lost last autumn. Lisa’s breeder told her Jack was a European Scottie, which was why he was larger and ended up weighing some 54 lbs. This seems kind of counter intuitive to me, who generally expects Americans to be bigger than Europeans, but, then again, I also heard from Bridget’s breeder that American Scotties  tend to be smaller than Canadian ones as well.

Rick in Germany, if you’re out there, maybe you can weigh in on this topic.

Meanwhile here’s our last discussion of Scottie sizes and weights. If you know anything about where Lisa might be able to find a bigger Scottie please add a comment or email scottishterriernews@gmail.com.

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  1. Hi there. 🙂 Nice blog.:)
    But European scotties not so big! Max. weight is 35 lbs. My scotties (males) is 19 and 28 lbs, and they are both european blood-lines.

  2. Hi, our Piper is just under 10 kilos and is about average in size for the female scotties here in Germany. Males go about 2 kilos heavier, and the breeders here generally try to keep them in that area. There are some that are quite abit larger or smaller though. At the Scottie meet last summer I saw one male that must have been about 20 kilos, and another that was perhaps 5 or 6 at most.

  3. Oh my goodness…that's not a Scottie…that's a SCOTTIE with big letters! Bonnie's normal weight is 19-20 lbs…although she gained some over the winter, it was fat, not size. She has since lost the extra lbs and is back to a svelte 19lbs. with a waistline.
    I've seen bigger Scotties, but only a bit.


  4. Yes, it´s common knowledge that European Scotties are a little larger than the American variety. In Europe we also call the American´s "racy" in type; more generic terrier in type, rather than spesific Scottie in type. This is often due to more substance in bone in Europe (in general).

    I think the breed standards are different also. All of Europe´s are based on England´s, whereas America have their own standard.

    I think type is more important than size, however I prefer smaller to larger (even being European).

    As Sadie won BOB and Group no 2 at Crufts last year, I guess size was not an issue for breed judge Nellie Taylor or the group judge. More uncertain as to what American judges would make of European Scotties. Many all-rounders would probably not be able to see past the size, I think

  5. We knew an enormous Scottie in England – he was about 50 lbs and his brother "only" about 35. They were from a puppy mill "rescue" situation however and especially the biggest one, Ben, not really "standard" Scotties. He also died of cancer about age 9 so I'm not sure if there are some health compromises to breeding them bigger?..although all Scotties can have their potential health problems.:( I've seen a few Scotties on Petfinder that were puppy mill rescues also of this "big type". Teagan is an English Scottie but about 19 lbs max. and very compact so she was unusually small there. I'm not an expert but I also think going for type and conformation rather than size *alone* makes sense – whether you prefer big or small. Although…I also can see the appeal of more Scottie to love!

  6. Thank you everyone for the feedback so far. I agree, the "standard" Scottie is no where near 54 lbs., but Jack was definitely unique and such a joy to have around. Jack had a variety of health problems and that breeder is no longer in business. We also have an "American" Scottie, Arnie, who turned 10 last week, weighs 28 lb, and has been extremely healthy. He actually came from a "rescue" type situation. You just never know. I certainly would not get our next Scottie based on size alone, but hoping to find a breeder with big, HEALTHY Scotties!

    I look forward to hearing more about any bigger Scotties you might know of – especially breeder info.

  7. From what I've seen I think Australian Scotties look a bit bigger than the US dogs. My Fergus certainly is… But that may be because he is a bit on the plump size…. :S

  8. My Scottie Tartan weighs 36 pounds and his bloodline is from Wales. I've had an English woman who just did a documentary on dogs tell me that for a fact UK dogs in general are bigger in size and weight than US dogs. I would love for her to meet my vet as he keeps telling me Tartan needs to lose 10 pounds. Anyway, I was fortunate to adopt him through Victory Mascotts, owned by Karyln Cook who is AKC registered. She is in Suffolk, VA.

  9. My Scottie, Elliott has English bloodlines. He weighs 13#. Perfectly formed Scottish Terrier!

  10. I have NEVER heard of such a big scottie. I knew of one 40 Lb scottie who had a thyroid problem and thats why he was 40 Lbs.

  11. I'm in England. My "wee" Hamish has just turned one and I weighed him today in the vet's at 14.4 Kg – 31.7 lb. He is muscly, walks up to eight miles in a day (not every day as I do have to work) – building him up for more. His father was a big dog and his mother was supposedly from a puppy farm and pretty large too. Apart from size he is every inch a scottie. Robin

  12. That's a good walk. Maybe Scottie News should do an exercise post and ask everyone how much exercise their Scottish Terriers get.

  13. They said my Scottie would be 30 lbs well he is now 46 but the Vet did say he needs to lose 10 lbs

  14. My Scotty weighs 35lbs and he is just A big Scotty, he often gets mistaken for A schnauzer. I got him from A pet store. He is very long with large features, hes the best, most loving , smartest dog I’ve ever had.

  15. We have two Scotties. Our Brindle male is a beauty, great conformation and, at age five and a half, weighs 22 lbs. Our two year old Wheaten female is very small and weighs only 17 lbs. We fought to put on every ounce of those 17 lbs. She eats more than the five year old but is hyperactive so runs off any excess weight.

  16. Hi All, I have two male scotties; Scott is 3 years old and is 14 kg, very big boy but lean.
    Angus is 10 months old baby, taller and longer than Scott and is 15.5 kg still growing and not overweight. I would expect him to be around 16-16.5 kg fully grown adult. They are from different breeders.
    I really don’t remember when was the last time I saw a Scottie meeting American KC standards 8-11 kg.

  17. I have a wonderful six year old black Scottie that is a solid 37 lbs and very healthy. He has a perfect temperament… even with babies & toddlers! He is not a bit over weight, social with everyone and other animals (even my two yard cards) and is a wonderful watch dog. The only problem we’ve ever had with him was skin allergies (we’re in the deep south of the USA). That was fixed by simply feeding him a dry, wheat/corn/soy free food and weekly baths w/dandruff shampoo.

  18. I have an English wheaten Scotty who is definitely larger than the American breed. She is still a pup at 9 months but will probably come in at 25lbs or more. A real beauty but would not meet show standards in the U.S. There are quite a few larger heavier boned scotties out there. All the best in your search.

  19. i have a wheaton scotty who is 2 yrs old weighs in a 41 lbs- He was purchased at a breeder in ohio. No health issues just a very big boy . The vet says for his size hes not overweight.

  20. beem watching this article with interest. Looking for a larger Scottie myself. Wanting one between 25lb to 30lb. To the people that have big scotties in the USA. Where did you get your scottie from? Thanks

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