Famous Scottish Terrier owners: Luise Rainer

The Los Angeles Times recently interviewed Rainer, who won two best actress Oscars and turned 100 in January.

Rainer says she never read her contract; her only condition was that she be allowed to bring her beloved Scottish terrier, Johnny, with her from Europe. “I was permitted to take my Scottie with me,” she says. ” I have a photograph here upstairs [at the Beverly Wilshire] of Johnny. I loved my Scottie.”

Alas, the Scottie News has not been able to find a photo of Johnny. If you know where one is, please let us know.

In the mean time, browse the Famous Scottish Terrier archives to see Scotties belonging to Humphrey Bogart, Joan Crawford and Julie Andrews among others.

Update: And heeere’s Johnny. One of the Scottie News‘ knowledgeable readers/detectives came through for us — as always. 

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