Hot enough for you and your Scottish Terriers?

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Have a good weekend from the Scottie News.

4 thoughts on “Hot enough for you and your Scottish Terriers?

  1. Not here! Porter just got his summer haircut and he was shivering this morning. We made a Scottie burrito with the blanket. I didn't think I'd have to turn the heat on at the end of May, but it looks like a crappy Memorial Day weekend in the Inland Northwest.

  2. It’s not hot here in Central Oregon. It rained last night and was 37 degrees this moring. My poor rescue Scotties think they’ve moved to the real Scotland, it’s been so wet and cold this year!

  3. It’s 104 In San Antonio, my scottie VERY greatful for Tiled flours, Air Conditioning, and cool fresh water

  4. Michigan has been having a run of HOT and HUMID weather Nessie and Ailsa have been laying around the tile floors.

    They like to come on the deck once the sun is down and Nessie tries catching (flies) dessert…….
    Ailsa would like in the sun if you let her so we have to keep an eye on her and limit her time out

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