A letter from Angus Fala, Twitter celeb

In response to a request for biographical information and a photo, Twitlebrity Angus Fala sent the lovely portrait above and the letter below:

Hi Ann,

I attached the picture I think you were talking about – with me on the stairs surveying my “investments.”

Thanks for your tweet about me being a “Twitter Star.” I didn’t know that I am a star, but I sure appreciate the compliment!

My foray into being a “Twitter Star” was accidental and gradual, and I am sure, unsustainable. The one thing I make sure I always do is say things true to my actual real character. I am a real Scottie, and me and my companion humans never tweet something that they think I would not actually believe. Sometimes my tweets might possibly be amusing to some, sometimes I am sad (we still miss Mr. Blackie, a Scottie we never actually met, but met through Twitter, and who died last week of cancer), but the vast majority of tweets are just keeping up with my Twitter friends and learning about them.

We started Tweeting as a way to maintain contact with my human sister, who is in college. Accidentally, we learned some other Scotties and their humans had the same idea about using Twitter. We gradually and accidentally developed a bond with these other Scotties. I know more, for instance, about a Scottie halfway across the world, Ruffles in Singapore (@scottieterror), than I do the two Scotties that live 2 blocks away. I even exchange gifts and cards with Ruffles. We have learned that a Scottie is a Scottie no matter how far. I don’t tweet for the attention, I tweet because it is fun, and everyday I learn something about my fellow Scotties, other Terriers, other breeds, and the lives they lead, in places far different than where I live.

Let me also add that I love your website, and check it regularly. I appreciate the work you do, and I love keeping up with Scotties through it as well, and in fact, I remember reading it long before I had ever heard of Twitter.

I don’t know if this at all is what you are looking for, and sorry for my ramblings. I’m not used to having more than 140 characters to use!

Your Scottie Friend,

Angus Fala

Angus, you are a shining example to aspiring Canine tweeters everywhere. Just please be careful of all those Cuz Balls. Keep Ainslie away from them. (For all the right reasons)

4 thoughts on “A letter from Angus Fala, Twitter celeb

  1. A toast. To one great Scot! Angus Fala: friend and voice of Scottitude world wide! Here, here.

    BTW – nice cache of toys!

  2. Teagan says "I like all your toys…really really like them…must chew..them..all..to..bits and eat them up!!!" So, in other words, we are very impressed with your self-control among your many other qualities, Angus! (btw No, we do not let Teagan do that, but that is what she would love to do…)

  3. Haha, Teagan! Toys are to be chased and retrieved, never to be destroyed. You lose your investment value if you tear them up. By the way, all my dog toys retained their value far better than my humans' stocks and mutual funds did!

    Angus Fala

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